30 Under 30: Leibnitz Barragan

While veteran nail techs are invaluable resources because of their experience, there’s a new crop of talented young artists who are turning the nail industry upside down. So, we decided to scout some of the best 20-something nail pros for our first-ever 30 Under 30 awards. Get to know one of our winners, Leibnitz Barragan!

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Leibnitz Barragan
Age: 25
Salon: Stash House AZ

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Arizona-based nail artist Leibnitz Barragan—AKA Leib—dove head first into the nail industry at the age of 16, learning to sculpt, shape and create unique nail art. “Being able to sculpt and personalize nail looks to fit each client is the most important and satisfying aspect about being a nail artist.” He finds his inspiration from Pamper Nail Gallery founder Vivian Xue Rahey and Young Nails educators Greg and Habib Salo because of the precision and care they show for their businesses and work. When it comes down to professional products, Leib always opts for two—sourcing his gel shades from The Gel Bottle Inc and his acrylic necessities from Young Nails. When he isn’t creating a new nail art masterpiece, you can find Leib enjoying Oreos—but without the cream filling.


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—by Angelina Lewis

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