CND Vinylux Debuts Enhanced Formula

CND Vinyluxe

CND Vinylux—which boasts gel-like shine, seven-day wear and an easy removal process—now includes keratin, a protein shown to strengthen nails while enhancing their flexibility; vitamin E, an antioxidant with antiaging properties known to combat free radicals harmful to nail health; and jojoba oil to repair and revitalize nails. “Nail beauty begins with nail health,” says CND cofounder and style director Jan Arnold. “The enhanced formula delivers the perfect balance of color, efficacy and care for a lasting gel-like shine, now with even more benefits.” The long-wear polish features a two-step system consisting of a color coat and a top coat infused with cellulose acetate butyrate and ProLight technology. All 137 Vinylux shades are available in the new formula.

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[Image courtesy of CND]

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