Salon Owner Debuts Achi Scented Gel Polish

Achi Launch : Hosted by Kandee Johnson
Achi Launch : Hosted by Kandee JohnsonAchi founder Valeria Anderson

Beauty luxury brand founder and long-time salon owner Valeria Anderson, has launched a scented gel polish line called Achi. The launch event celebrating the line of 45 Japanese gel polish shades, took place at the Doheny Room in West Hollywood, Calif., was hosted by makeup maven and influencer Kandee Johnson. Guests enjoyed cocktails from TY KU,  Electric Sky Wine, massages by Manly Handz and Achi gel manicures.

Achi Launch : Hosted by Kandee JohnsonAchi Launch : Hosted by Kandee Johnson

Read below for a Q+A with Anderson:

NAILPRO: What made you think of this line? 

Anderson: I own a nail salon in Manhattan Beach, Calif. and there was not enough high-end brands that I felt were as good as the main brands, so I wanted to come out with something that combined every quality that I loved about other brands. This is how Achi was born. When we went to Japan, I found a chemist that could make everything that I wanted.

Achi Launch : Hosted by Kandee JohnsonAchi gel polish features a strawberry scent.

What inspired you?

All the women that are my clients, that I see every day because everybody loves to get their nails done, and I wanted something healthy for them and also made them feel good when they get it done that’s why I made it strawberry scented gel polish.

What is your favorite thing about Achi? What can we expect from the brand in the future? 

I love everything about it, the colors especially the rose gold, the nude colors, if you see the packing it’s all beige, pink and rose gold and very feminine. We just came out with the rose gold tweezers to have a presence of a luxury product area to the beauty and nail industry.

Achi Launch : Hosted by Kandee JohnsonAchi Launch : Hosted by Kandee Johnson

How did you come up with strawberry scent?

We use a natural strawberry scented oil and tested out different scents. I felt that I wanted for my first launch I wanted something that reminded me of my childhood and scratch and sniff stickers.

Achi Launch : Hosted by Kandee JohnsonAttendees got treated to massages from Manly Handz.


Anderson says Achi is working on a nail lacquer line and nail art brushes. For more information and top shop Achi, click here.

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-Sigourney Nuñez

[Images: Courtesy of House of Achi]

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