New Polish Collection E.G.O Lacquer is Charitable Color

EgocolorsE.G.O Lacquer Polish Collection

What if you could polish your nails and donate to those in need? The new E.G.O. Lacquer collection features shades inspired by charitable causes, and 20 percent of each polish sale is donated to its respective cause. According to Miami-based nail artist and creator Sherwin Hora, her daughter, Jaedha, was the inspiration. “Jaedha was born with Group B Strep, a bacteria that can be life-threatening to newborns. Luckily, Jaedha recovered and she is now a healthy 5-year-old who loves getting her nails done,” she says. “One night as I was reflecting on how I could’ve missed out on her love, I decided to create a polish line aimed at giving back.” Since inception, E.G.O. Lacquer has donated to multiple causes close to Hora’s heart. “For example, we donated proceeds from Jaedha Adores, a yellow hue created in honor of my daughter, to Group B Strep International,” she says. Other hues include Grandma’s Glasses, a purple shade to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s disease, and Sticks-n-Stones, a gray hue to raise awareness for bullying.

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-Dina Ciccarelli

[Images: E.G.O. Lacquer]


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