Glossies 2017: The Top 3 Share Their Competition Experience

After another successful run, the 2017 Glossies has come to an end. Congratulations to Irina Von Krosigk for winning first place in the competition! We also want to congratulate second place winner Stephanie Horner and third place winner Ashley Hoffman. To celebrate the finalists, we asked Von Krosigk, Horner and Hoffman to share their Glossies experience and future competition plans.

Irina-von-krosigk-nailart[Images: Courtesy of Irina Von Krosigk]1st Place

Irina Von Krosigk

409 Points

What inspired you to compete in the Glossies?

IVK: I knew I didn’t have enough experience or education to compete in a live competition, and traveling is very difficult for me because I have two kids, so I decided to try competing from home in [last year’s] Glossies. I was shocked when I placed second in the Hand-Painted Nail Art competition and first in Design Sculptured Nails. So, when the 2017 Glossies competition was announced, I promised myself that I would compete in every category.

What’s next?
IVK: I’ve never competed live with a model, so I plan on competing in future NAILPRO Competitions. I know that I need to practice, believe in myself and just go for it!



stephanie-horner-nailart[Stephanie Horner]2nd Place

Stephanie Horner

182 Points

What was your biggest success during the Glossies?

SH: My biggest triumph was taking on challenging themes and going outside my comfort zone. I also perfected my smile line technique and learned how to subjectively critique my work.

What’s next?

SH: I want to continue to practice working with hard gels for future competitions. I competed with acrylic and took home third place in Salon Success at the 2016 NAILPRO Competition at the International Beauty Show in Las Vegas. Since then, I have been motivated to compete!




ashley-hoffman-nailart[Ashley Hoffman]
3rd Place

Ashley Hoffman

157 Points

What was your greatest challenge during the Glossies?

AH: Time management. I was extremely busy during the Glossies competition and wasn’t able to compete in as many rounds as I wanted. That’s something I definitely want to improve upon. I always want to push myself to be better and see how far I can go outside of my comfort zone.

What’s next?

AH: In July, I opened my salon, The Nail Studio, in Coconut Creek, Florida, and now I hope to compete in the NAILPRO Competitions at Premiere Orlando in June 2018.

–by Taylor Foley

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This story was originally published in the September 2017 issue of NAILPRO.

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