Introducing Square Appointments for iPad

Provide your clients the seamless salon experience they deserve by booking appointments through the Square Appointments app. Here, more information on how to use the app to grow your client base and keep them happy.

Introducing Square Appointments for iPad

SquareAppointments-iPad-INPOSTMake scheduling appointments a breeze with Square Appointment.

As those in the service industry know, “The client is always right,” but when you own a business, clients are not only right, they’re vital to our success. So in order to keep the clients we have and acquire a larger following it’s crucial that every aspect of their salon experience is as seamless, stress-free and, dare we say, enjoyable as possible.

While there is no one magic spell that can keep your salon running smoothly (unless you count killer confidence, experience and wisdom), there are several tools you can use to make day-to-day operations much, much easier.

One of those tools is Square Appointments. The Square Appointment app was previously available for desktop and as an iPhone app, but thanks to their new release, can now be used on iPad. The interface’s fluidity and user-friendliness ensure that your client’s experience is as smooth as a baby’s bottom from the moment they connect with your brand to the moment they leave your salon.

With the Square Appointment app, clients can:

  • Book the service, time and staff member they want–even outside of operation hours.
  • Easily check out since Square Appointments syncs with Square Register.
  • Track their appointment through email and text reminders.
  • Mark their appointment on Google Calendar since both programs can be synced together.

For salon owners, this reduces no-shows and the amount of time playing phone-tag allowing you to focus on more important things.

Jamiee McGrew, owner of Bridgetown Barber Society in Portland, said, “My business has increased substantially due to the simplicity of Square Appointments. My customers constantly comment on the ease and convenience of Square Appointments booking system and now I can match their experience in person at the countertop with the iPad app.”

For more information on how Square Appointments can help your business, visit here.

[Image courtesy of Square Appointment]

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