AII Holds Vietnamese Training Event and Competition

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We’re getting the feels! This week, American International Industries (the manufacturer for China Glaze, EzFlow, and ibd) held a gathering for 24 Vietnamese nail technicians from across the U.S. to learn new techniques and perfect their creative styles. The classes were meant to honor the “original twenty” nail technicians, a group of Vietnamese women in the 1940s given the opportunity to make a living for themselves doing nails and move out of the refugee camps. Called the Second 20 (+4) Vietnamese-Focused Educational Consultant Training, this event ended with nail competition to showcase their talents in three categories: Summer Style Acrylic, Gel Negative Space, and Mixed Medium with a “hometown” theme. The competition was fierce, but never could a group with so much love, support and camaraderie be found!

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Images: Dana Loth

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