Cuccio T3 LED Gel Launches in Canada


Cuccio Educator Marilyn Garcia jetted all the way up to Canada last month to share her expertise in creating nail enhancements with more than 60 other nail techs at a one-day event held in conjunction with Summum Beaute, Cuccio’s exclusive distributor in Quebec.

Attendees spent the day getting a full demonstration of Cuccio’s T3 LED Gel, including how to use it for pink-and-whites, 3-D designs, and how to pair it with Cuccio Colour Veneer for flawless, colorful manicures. Each tech left the event with a certificate of completion.

Shortly after the event, Garcia shared: “This was a great opportunity to introduce designer nails to Quebec. Everyone was so receptive to the T3 Gel and they were excited to learn. We made sure it was a classroom atmosphere so that anyone with questions felt free to ask them.”
This was the first of several Canadian classes; the second of which was hosted by Elaine Watson in Toronto on April 28. For more information, please visit

Pictured top: Lynn Bouchard, Nancy Chenard, Marilyn Garcia, Kim Tanner

[Image: Cuccio]

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