Manicurist Jenny Bui Shares Tips on How to Apply Nail Bling

Nail bling
Manicurist Jenny Bui shares her tips for creating blinged-out nail sets
Images courtesy ofJenny Secret

Nailpro asked celebrity nail artist and Jenny Secret Founder Jenny Bui the secrets to applying nail bling, and we're happy to share her advice with you!

Bui's clients travel from all over the world for her signature nail art, like the Swarovski crystal-encrusted designs she's created for Grammy-winner Cardi B.

Check out Bui's precise bling application below, and read on for her nail bling how-to.

How To: Apply Nail Bling 

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“Practice makes perfect,” Bui told Nailpro. “Practice placing your bling shapes on a mat before adhering them.”

Bui says techs shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with different gem shapes and sizes. 

When it comes to applying bling, you want to make sure you use the right products. Bui's own line, Jenny’s Secret, includes products made specially for applying bling, such as crystal adhesivecrystal gel and gel pens

Once you begin applying your nail gems, Bui says to make sure the application area is clean. 

“Use crystal adhesive for flat backs and crystal gel for large stones or non flat backs,” Bui says. “Apply the bling in a cluster so that no edge can get caught in your [client’s] clothing.” 

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