Daily Inspo: Lezlie McConnell, Sales President, Light Elegance


Before becoming the sales president for nail industry staple Light Elegance, Lezlie McConnell, who was raised on a horse farm in Eugene, Oregon, received a degree in physical education from the University of Oregon and worked in commercial real estate for a number of years. Ultimately, however, it was her love of beauty that led her to the nail industry. For nine years, she owned and ran a full-service salon in Eugene, during which time she met her now husband, chemist Jim McConnell. Together they founded Light Elegance, which just celebrated 20 years, where her daughter, Lexy, and son-in-law Joseph also work. See what keeps this hard-working nail industry veteran inspired every day.

1. People: “I’m a huge people watcher. I love all types of people—they inspire me with their emotions, actions, dress and personalities. I study people everywhere I go, and I seem to take from each experience and use it in my creative world with Light Elegance.”

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2. Fashion: “I gravitate toward feminine trends. I love dresses and high-heel shoes— pretty, girly things. I’m also a huge fan of clean lines; I’m not a person who is inspired by a lot of clutter or extremely busy looks
or patterns.”

fabric-patterns3. Fabric Stores: “I’m so inspired when I walk into a fabric store—all the colors make me go wild! I think this comes from when I was a little girl; my mother sewed all my dresses. She would take me to a fabric store, and I got to pick out and create my own look. It’s an inspiration that started at about age 6 and has stayed with me all these years later!”

4. Hawaii: “Because of my job with Light Elegance I get to travel the world, and each country and place I visit is an inspiration. Hawaii is the most inspirational place I’ve visited so far; there’s a spiritual connection I feel when I’m there.”

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light-elegance-creative-team5. My Creative Team: “I’ve spent years assembling the perfect creative team at Light Elegance. They bring so much style, creative energy and inspiration to each project we work on together. I love working with people who see things in a different way than I do. I learn and feel something new and wonderful every time we work together. They inspire me every day I’m with them—they’re magic to me!”

– by Lotus Abrams


[Images: Courtesy of Light Elegance; Unsplash]

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