[Special Offer] Magic’s 5 Tips To Increase Your Nail Service Speed

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Time is money.

This idiom rings as true in the nail salon industry as in any other.

Think about it this way…If you can speed up your nail services, you will be able to fit more clients in your day, boost your income or get that extra needed break.

And it is not just great for you. Clients really appreciate a quick professional service.

But is it possible to make your services go faster without compromising quality?

The answer is yes. Here are our five tips to help you provide faster nail services while maintaining the high quality and great customer experience you are known for.

No. 1: Incorporate Magic Gel’s NailGuard™ into your services.

NailGuard™ is a popular rubber silicone base soak-off system that allows you to create gel manicures, nail overlays and salon extensions without finish filing. This can reduce your service time by at least 15 minutes! Not only that, but it is also the healthier choice for you and your clients. Neither of you will be exposed to those nasty dust particles that can cause allergies.

No. 2: Use good quality, one-coat coverage gel paints and MLaq polishes.

Rather than having to apply two coats to get the coverage you need, One Coat Coverage Magic Gel’s no-odor gel paints and polishes achieve complete color coverage in just one coat, cutting your time (and product usage) in half. 

No. 3: Use Magic Gel’s Magies, a high-quality fine flexible decor. 

With Magies, you can provide clients sophisticated nail decor that would normally take up to 20 minutes to create—in literally seconds. Not only will you save time on the service, but you can also charge between $5 to $10 more for the extra value added. 

No. 4: Use different brushes for different colors, builders, and glitters. 

Nail technicians spend up to four minutes during services cleaning brushes between mediums. Save this time by using different brushes for dark colors, light colors, builders and glitters. While a couple of minutes might not seem like a lot, it all adds up. Plus, it will help extend the life of your brushes. Frequent cleaning dries brush bristles out, whereas properly maintained brushes for different mediums easily last over four years.

No. 5: Make sure that your workstation is stocked with a list of Magic’s Inspiration Gallery design options. 

Most nail technicians stock their workstation with the items they need for their next service so they are not running around wasting their client’s time. But have you considered stocking your station with a prepared selection of designs for your client to choose from? Many hesitant clients spend up to 10 minutes choosing designs or explaining what they want. By having a prepared selection of designs at the ready, you can try to head this off. 

There are many other ways that Magic Gel can boost your nail salon sales. 

Join the Magic Gel Family today, and find out how we can help you.

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Please note, Magic Gel System is a professional use-only product.


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