Booth Renting

Booth RentalBooth renting can be an enticing option when you are craving flexibility without the responsibility of an employer dictating your schedule. Some of the perks of booth renting include taking charge of your hours, choosing your products and keeping all your earnings. On the other hand, if you are looking for an environment that provides mentorship and education, booth renting may not be the right choice for you.

Location, Location, Location
One important factor to consider before booth renting is the location of the salon. A salon that is located in a busy shopping area can be beneficial because your customers already frequent the area and will be more likely to swing by your salon. In addition, it offers the opportunity to network with nearby businesses who can send new clients your way. There may also be the possibility for more walk-ins. If there is another person providing the same services, find out the salon’s policy for how walk-ins are assigned.

Be sure to take a look at the parking situation. This is critical. If parking is difficult to come by, you may lose clients who do not want to deal with the hassle.

Consider how well you interact with the demographic that frequents the location. Do you vibe well with pampered princesses or do you bond better with “everyday people?”

Salon Culture
Working in a miserable environment takes a terrible a toll on your business and psychological state. Choose a salon with a pleasant atmosphere where you will feel comfortable. Ask how many other people are renting the same type of booth as you. Things could get competitive if there are several people with the same type of business.

Consider the price of the booth rental and how many clients you will need to service to make it worthwhile. Review all your expenses for the tools of the trade. Ask yourself if you are good at record keeping. You will need this information when paying your taxes. You should also be informed what the rental includes. Will you have to pay extra for laundry? Is there a secure area for your equipment?

The length of the salon owner’s lease can also affect your decision. If a new owner takes over there could be many changes implemented including a rent increase. A written contract insures there are no misunderstandings between you and the owner. Everything that each side agrees to should be included in the contract.

Be a Secret Shopper
When scoping out a booth rental location, test out the salon for yourself as a secret shopper. People may be on their best behavior if they know you are a perspective renter. You will be able to see the dynamics of the salon from the customer’s point of view. Do the people working at the salon appear happy or can you feel tension between them? Test the salon twice by having a savvy friend make an appointment for a service at another date and critique the shop for you. Make sure to let you secret shopper friend know your criteria.

The more you know, the better decision you will make.

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