Nail Products

The Swirl from Atwood Industries

Smooth calluses during pedicure services without discomfort to your client. The bit's diamond channels act as air vents to reduce the heat caused by friction.
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Mod Matte from Zoya

This matte summer collection is formulated not to need a base or top coat and includes hues blue Phoebe, green Mitzi and pink Lolly.
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Evolve from Spa Ritual

The collection includes taupe Twig, salmon Sacred Sands, cream Driftwood, sage Moss, red brown Native Rock and green brown Pebble.
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Happy Go Lucky from Orly International

Just the names make you want to try these shades: green Fresh, pink Flirty, blue Frisky and purple Frolic.
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Pirates of the Caribbean from OPI Products

Choose from sage Mermaid’s Tears, lilac Planks, pink Sparrow Me The Drama, sheer pink Steady As She Rose, taupe Skull & Glossbones and gray Stranger Tides. Plus, top them all with Silver...

Summer 2011 Collection from Essie Cosmetics

Brights are right for summer with violet Smooth Sailing, red Too Too Hot, orange Meet Me at Sunset, hot pink Super Bossa Nova, green Absolutely Shore and coral Braziliant.
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Starry Temptress from Color Club

The collection includes green Glitter Envy, blue Otherworldly, pink Space Case, hot pink Ultra-Astral, purple Wink, Wink, Twinkle and an iridescent top coat.
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Vamoos! from Lumos

The soak-off process is a whole lot easier with Vamoos! A small sponge attached to aluminum foil keeps acetone on nail plates, allowing for effortless removal.