Nail Art Tutorial: Piercing Nails

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Nail Art Tutorial: Piercing Nails

2122 Once you’ve created your hole, clean up the area around it with a cotton swab.

For posted charms (like post earrings), make sure the charm fits snugly on the nail. Bend it if necessary to follow the curve of the nail. Make sure the post is not too long – make sure it screws on, and then cut the excess with a wire cutter.

Keep polish over the whole thin. Once you’ve finished polishing the nail and it has dried, use the drill to open the hole back up again. Make sure the nut on the back of the nail is tight, and consider encapsulating it with top coat to prevent it from catching on things.
2123 You can apply hoop or dangle earrings before polishing. When applying hoops, twist it open and insert it into the hole. Put a bit of top coat on the opening once the hoop is on so it does not catch on hair. When polishing, carefully push the metal hoop aside to avoiding getting lacquer on it.

[Images: Brooks Ayola]