Nail Art Tutorial: Piercing Nails

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Nail Art Tutorial: Piercing Nails

2120 It may seem obvious, but no piercing should ever be done on the pink part of the nail enhancement or on the natural nail – only on the free edge of enhancements.

To create the tiny hole, you can use an electric file and bits made especially for this purpose, or a hand-held drill. The drill bits may either look like a normal (but much thinner) bit, or have a ball-shaped cutting edge at the end. Flimsy natural nails are not always a good choice for piercing, unless the free edge is incredibly strong and stable. You can pierce any type of nail enhancement, as long as you adhere the product to the natural nail completely and evenly. Leave at least 1/8-inch of space around the piercing’s hole.
2121 To pierce the free edge, place the unpolished nail facedown on a towel on the table, and slowly drilling through that way. Go slowly and do not let the drill wobble to prevent breakage. If the bit gets stuck, gently reverse it straight back out of the hole.

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