Nail Art Tutorial: Elegant Glass Blue And Pink Nails

B’ Polished salon owner Tiffani Cordoza shows us how to do these clear, pink, blue, and bedazzled nails!

1) Prep the natural nail using a mini contour bit by Elegant Glass Nails (lightly etch the nail plate).

2) Remove the dust with a manicure brush and cleanse with nail cleaner. Apply 2 coats of Fusion primer. Using sheer pink acrylic powder pick up a medium sized ball of acrylic and place at the cuticle area guiding down towards the free edge.  

3) While the acrylic is still wet, quickly place 3 small beads of colored acrylic (neon glow pink, neon glow orange, lagoon breeze by EGN) on nail.

4.) Swirl the acrylic using a needle pen or your acrylic brush. Taper down to create a flowing nail.

5.) Using Elegant Glass NA 1086 glitter and Clearvue acrylic, apply a minimal amount of glitter and taper up over the marble and down over the free edge.

6.) Work quickly and apply your TINZL (tinsel-like glitter) to the wet product.  Press and hold until the TINZL will remain in place when you release the hold. TINZL is available at

7.) Using your fingers or a pinching tool pinch in a C curve. Cap the free edge and all art in Clearvue clear acrylic; pinch again if needed.

8.) File & finish by blinging with rhinestones, metal bows, glow in the dark dots and much more from EGN!

9.) Seal with EGN D Glass cure 2 min and DONE!


Learn more about the artist:
I am a nail artist from the small town of Lebanon, Oregon. I am full of sparkle. I am a salon owner, wife and mom! I have been in the nail industry for a short amount of time yet I have accomplished much success. I have a passion for teaching and helping others. I love to share my knowledge and help fellow nail techs to become inspired. I have a soft spot for supporting school education because I feel that so many opportunities are lost to students, who are the should be properly educated because they are the future of our industry. I am honored to work with Elegant Glass Nails, a company that is humble and ever evolving. I look forward to meeting many of you and sharing my passion for EGN and nails!  

Check out her salon in Lebanon, OR: B’ Polished.

[Courtesy of Tiffani Cordoza]

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