Introducing NAILPRO Educator Miranda Richardson

Miranda Richardson

Tucson, Arizona-based nail artist and Mjnailz Academy owner and director Miranda Richardson attended a four-year private college and received a bachelor’s degree in business. After she met her husband, a talented barber, who encouraged her to pursue a career in nails, Richardson received her nail tech license at 30 years old but already held a career with a stable salary and benefits. She realized that the opportunity to do something she loved held far more value.

Her passion for nail art grew, and she began donating her time to educate other artists and aspiring nail techs. She soon realized that there was an overwhelming demand in her area for nail techs who provide a personalized service. Seeing this as a major problem and niche that needed to be filled, Richardson decided to acquire her nail tech instructor's license, and thus, gave birth to Mjnailz Academy.

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