Nail Art Tutorial: Light Up Galaxy Nails

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Nail Art Tutorial: Light Up Galaxy Nails

If a traditional galaxy nail isn’t enough, add on this little light up device to give it something extra! Nail artist Tony Ly (@tonysnail) shows NAILPRO how it’s done with these easy to follow instructions. »

Light Up Nails

What you’ll need:

  • From Tammy Taylor & CND: choose pink, purple, blue, yellow, and glittery black polishes
  • Light up device (available from Skyline Beauty Supply)
  • Basic supplies for doing nail enhancements
Step 1: Build your sculpture using the #18 brush to apply and swirl all the colors onto the nail, using the glittery black polish.
Step 2: Apply the light up chip to the nail.
Step 3: Using the #10 brush, swirl a white outline to make the cuticle. Add more glitter black swirled with any of the other colors over the top of the white circle.
Step 4: Smooth the surface of the nail and clean around the cuticle. When you finish, shape the nails.
Step 5: Put a clear gel coat over the nail to finish your nails.
Step 6: Done!
For more from Tony: @tonysnail
[Images: Tony Ly]
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