Nail Art Tutorial: Blue Metallic Flowers

Blue Glitter Nails 5

German nail artist Kamila Achatz does unbelievable work and creates unique nail designs that are seemingly perfect. Take a shot at her blue and black flower  maniure yourself by following her

Blue Glitter Nails 1Step 1: Prep the nail and build the gel enhancement as usual. Cure. Apply Extreme Effect Glitter Gel from Jet Set Beauty in a sideways French position over your cover gel. Cure. Draw two black lines on either side of your glitter with black UV gel. Cure.

Blue Glitter Nails 2Step 2: Add a layer of clear gel and apply chunky glitters. Cure.

Blue Glitter Nails 3Step 3: Buff the nail and file corners to correct shape. With black acrylic paint and a thin brush, draw a silhouette of a flower.  
Blue Glitter Nails 4Step 4: Use a thin brush to add blue metallic paint (Kamila used Marielle Metallic Colour) in thin, wispy lines to the petals.

Blue Glitter Nails 5Step 5: Add your gel top coat, cure, and wipe the sticky layer. Done!

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[Images: Kamila Achatz, Jet Set Beauty]

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