6 Quick Tips for Using Nail Files

Fpo Miniature Nail Files

Files are a staple in every tech’s toolbox. Check out these six basic tips to get the most out of them!

1.) Keep your files clean and dry so that they’ll last a while.

2.) Don’t forget to note the difference widths of files, not just the grits. Standard files are sometimes too thick to get into corners of the free edge. Keep thin files on hand to get to certain spots.

3.) Take your filing technique seriously. Using the wrong grit on natural nails can be disastrous, and using the right grit can increase client retention when the client recognizes visible improvements in her nails.

4.) Don’t use a coarse grit to save time when a finer grit will give you better results. Time is money, but quality results in more returning clients.

5.) Don’t be afraid to toss you files when they’re used up. Save time and frustration by simply purchasing a new one.

6.) Season your files before using them on clients. Simply take another file and run it along the edges of the new file to soften and dull it. This will prevent cuts and harsh edges.


[Image: FPO Miniature Files]

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