5 Steps For High-Shine Nails


What girl doesn’t appreciate something shiny on her finger? Up the wow-factor instantly on every manicure by following these simple five steps for increasing nail shine!

1.) Don’t start with a very coarse file. Remember that the lower the number of the file’s grit, the deeper the scratches it will make on the nail surface. Never use a grit lower than 180 on the nail surface.

2.) Graduate your files. Another important aspect of producing a high shine on the nails: graduating the files. Start your nail surface refinement with a 180-grit file; remove the dust, and then go over the surface with a finer grit, such as a 240-grit file. Again, remove the dust and move to an even finer file or a sponge file. Be sure to go over every surface on the nail and remove dust between each new file.

3.) Apply buffing cream (optional). There was a time, in the not-too-distant past, when the next step involved applying buffing cream to the nails and then buffing the nail surface with a chamois buffer. This method is still viable when using an electric file, and you must dispose of the buffer after each use. However, since many states prohibit the use of chamois buffers, this many not be an option for you.

4.) Use a high-shine buffer. Technology is a wonderful thing. The latest high-shine buffers allow even inexperienced techs to supershine a client’s nails. These new files usually have two ultrafine grits and work best when used with only he lightest of touches – no more working up a sweat! Simply make relatively light contact over the entire nail surface with one side of the buffer, and then repeat with the second side. You’ll amaze your client with how shiny her nails become – and how easy it was!

5.) Apply cuticle oil. You can finish your high-shine service by applying a light drop of cuticle oil on the client’s cuticles, and gently rub the product into the nails and surrounding skin. If you take the corner of you table towel and rub each nail until you hear it squeak, the nails will sparkle! – Mindy Borrego

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