Nail Art Tutorial: Zebra Bling

Nail Art Tutorial: Zebra Bling

Nail artist Amanda Lehner from Posare Salon in Las Vegas created a shimmery, animal print masterpiece with CND Shellac, glitter and adornments.

Step 1: After prepping the nail, apply a thin layer of Shellac Base Coat and cure it for 10 seconds in a UV light. Apply a thin coat of Shellac Clearly Pink; cure for two minutes. Layer a thin coat of Shellac Zillionaire and cure.

?Step 2: With a small, dry, gel brush, pick up loose purple glitter. Starting at the free edge, pat the glitter onto the tacky layer of the soak-off gel and feather it down toward the cuticle.

Step 3: Using the gel brush and the same method, apply loose pink glitter below the purple glitter.

Step 4: Apply loose iridescent glitter below the pink glitter using the same technique and fade it to the cuticle. Apply a thin layer of Shellac Top Coat, and cure for two minutes.

Step 5: With a striper brush, paint the zebra stripes with Shellac Black Pool. Cure for two minutes. Apply a thin coat of Top Coat and place the medium-sized purple, pink, and clear rhinestones on the nail. Cure for two minutes, and remove the tacky layer with a lint-free wipe and alcohol.

Step 6: With a small bead of acrylic, place a metal flower at the tip of the nail. Place the other metal flower on the opposite side of the nail with acrylic. Finished!

[Courtesy of Amanda Lehner]

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