Nail Art Tutorial: St. Patrick’s Day Nails


St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, so we’ll be sharpening our freehand four leaf clover skills! MARS the Salon in West Hollywood, which specializes in Japanese hospitality and detailed nail art, shows how to do this cute St. Patty’s Day pattern!

8 1Step 1: Apply a base coat.

8aStep 2: Paint a hat with green polish on the thumb, paint a clover with green polish on the index and ring fingers, paint a beer with white and yellow polish on the middle finger and paint a horseshoe with yellow polish on the pinky finger.

8bStep 3: Paint an edge on all of the designs and then paint border lines and dots with light green polish on the index and ring fingers. Paint a ridge on the clover with green glitter polish and paint a small clover with green polish on the middle and pinky fingers.

8cStep 4: Apply a top coat. Done!


Check out MARS the Salon for more designs, pricing, and location info.

[Images: Alex Sclavos/MARS the Salon]

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