Nail Art Tutorial: Black And White “V” Stripes

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Celeb manicurist Pattie Yankee gave us one tip to doing nail art with lacquer: ?”You can use polish remover to thin out the polish, making it easier to paint with.” See how she uses this technique to make straight, even “V” stripes.

1 4Step 1: Prep the nail and file into a stiletto shape with a sharp “V” free edge.

2 3Step 2: Use a black nail lacquer to polish the entire nail.

3 3Step 3: Pour a small amount of white polish into a small dish. You will need to add more polish as you continue the design since polish dries quickly. (Use an older striper brush that you don’t mind compromising, as you will need to clean the brush in acetone or polish remover while creating the design.)

4 3Step 4: Using a thin striper brush, create an inverted “V” shape at the free edge of the nail. Fill the “V” shape in with white polish using a liner brush.

5 2Step 5: Move about one-third up the nail and create another inverted “V” shape with the stiper brush. Place another “V” one-fourth of an inch above the first line. Fill in the open “V” with white polish using a liner brush.

6 1Step 6: Move up to the top one-third of the nail and repeat the prior step, creating the “V” lines first and then filling in with white polish.

7 0Step 7: Seal the entire nail with top coat to finish.

[Courtesy of Patricia Yankee]

This tutorial originally appeared in Nailpro April ’12.

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