Stained Glass Nail Art Tutorial Using Gel Paint

Artist: Teana Grigorash @teananails
Bright, see-through shades and clean lines transform any opalescent design into an edgy, stained glass-inspired creation. To achieve the linear look, Grigorash recommends a synthetic brush and a steady hand, although she insists not to stress if your lines aren’t perfect, saying, “Art gel makes it easy to go back and fix your mistakes.”



Step 1:

1. Apply gel base coat, then two coats of white gel polish, curing after each layer.

Step 2:

2. Apply a second layer of gel base coat. Do not cure. Then, place pieces of glass paper onto the nail. Cure. Apply a layer of gel top coat to the entire nail, encapsulating the design. Cure.

Step 3:

3. Use a striping brush to outline the glass paper and the perimeter of the nail with black gel paint. Cure.

Step 4:

4. Fill in the triangle shapes with sheer hot pink, orange and light blue gel polish. Cure. To finish, apply gel top coat and cure.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4