Encapsulated Acrylic Roses for Valentine’s Day

Los Angeles-based nail artist Yvett Garcia aka @yvynails shares her best technique to create an encapsulated acrylic rose design for Valentine's Day.



Step 1:

1. Prep nail with a thin layer of acrylic, leave nail surface rough.

Step 2:

2. Using any 3-D brush, pick up a bead of acrylic and create a half moon shape.

Step 3:

3. Let bead of acrylic slightly dry, then flatten with side of the brush.

Step 4:

4. Mix the lighter acrylic with a darker shade of acrylic and continue the technique on the inside of petals. The closer you get the middle of the rose, the bead of acrylic should become smaller and darker.

Step 5:

5. For the center of rose, grab a tiny bead of dark acrylic and swirl with the tip of brush.

Step 6:

6. To create leaf, create a bead of acrylic that is a mixture of a light and dark shade of green. Place bead on outside of rose, and easily pull outward to create a teardrop shape, then gently flatten with brush.

Step 7:

7. To encapsulate, overlay with acrylic. To finish, file and buff the nail once acrylic has dried. Apply topcoat and cure for 30 seconds.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7