How To: Baby Boomer Acrylic Nails

This design may be the easiest deviation from the standard French tip. A subtle pink-to-white ombré effect gives the prim look a touch of contemporary style, perfect for long-time pink-and-white devotees. “The Baby Boomer is best for more conservative clients or even brides,” says Robert Nguyen, international nail artist and global director for Color Club, who adds that it takes practice to achieve a seamless gradient. “The secret to the design is in the way you apply the product.”



Step 1:

Start by building the extension with clear acrylic. Next, apply cover pink to the entire nail. Then,
file and buff the nail.

Step 2:

Pick up a bead of white acrylic and place it at the free edge. Then, use the brush to pull the white acrylic toward the cuticle.

Step 3:

To create an ombré effect, place a bead of cover pink at the cuticle, then pull it toward the free edge. (The cover pink should overlap the white acrylic.)

Step 4:

To help the pink and white acrylic blend together, apply clear acrylic to the entire nail. File and buff the nail, then finish with top coat.

Step 5:

Tip! Don’t fret about creating a perfect gradient; applying clear acrylic over the entire nail will hide any imperfections, resulting in a seamless blend.

[Images: Photography by Armando Sanchez]

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5