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Earn Certificates of Achievement as you test your skills with NAILPRO’s Professional Participation Program. In each issue, you’ll find a multiple-choice test that will allow you to demonstrate what you’ve learned from Nail Clinic. Read April 2018’s Nail Clinic, “Handle with Care” in our April 2018 digital edition – it has all the info you’ll need to pass this quiz!

When you earn 80% or higher on this quiz about client pain, you’ll be awarded a framable Certificate of Achievement. A perfect score earns a Certificate of Achievement With Honors.

Welcome to Test Yourself April 2018: Handle With Care

1. Diabetics have impaired blood flow, which is why their cuts heal more slowly.

1 out of 17

2. It typically takes__________for a diabetic to heal from a cut or nick.

2 out of 17

3. Diabetes is a condition in which there’s too much sugar in the __________.

3 out of 17

4. Neuropathy is a type of nerve damage that causes __________.

4 out of 17

5. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all of the cells of the body.

5 out of 17

6. One in 20 adults in the United States has diabetes.

6 out of 17

7. Diabetics’ skin is very dry, so it’s important to apply a thick moisturizer between their toes.

7 out of 17

8. Insulin is a hormone produced by the _________ that allows cells to use glucose.

8 out of 17

9. Using a harsh scrub or other abrasive (like a foot file or pumice stone) on diabetics’ skin can lead to an increase of fungal infections.

9 out of 17

10. Many diabetics have additional health problems, such as __________.

10 out of 17


11 out of 17


12 out of 17


13 out of 17

State (use abbreviation like CA or FL):

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17 out of 17

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