The New Cordless LED Lamp from Valentino Beauty Pure

LED cordless nail lamp
The new LED Cordless lamp from Valentino Beauty Pure
Image courtesy of Valentino Beauty Pure

Valentino Beauty Pure has released its first LED lamp

The new Cordless LED Lamp from Valentino Beauty PureThe new Cordless LED Lamp from Valentino Beauty PureNails by VBP Brand Ambassador Jessica Champagne

The LED Cordless Lamp from Valentino Beauty Pure has a sleek black finish with multiple timer settings and a battery built to last.

The acetone-resistant lamp works great with both UV & LED gels.

Key features of the VPB LED Cordless Lamp

  • 36-watt cordless LED lamp
  • 20 high-quality LED bulbs
  • Flash cures in 5 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds
  • Battery longevity up to 10 hours of service
  • Includes universal 120 / 240V adapter

VBP Educator Leah Candiliere says, “The fact that I wear some of the longest stiletto nails and can still comfortably fit my hand by curing makes me consider no other lamp on the market!” 

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