Must-Have Nail Art Gel Pens for Every Pro Nail Artist [Buy Now With a Big DISCOUNT]

Candy Coat's Super Fine Liners is a collection of 21 ultra pigmented nail art gel pens, making it every nail artist's dream!

Candy Coat Np2106 Lead

The new lineup is available in a black and white duo, a golden trio and a carefully selected range of neons, pastels and primary colors with a retail price tag that will not break the bank.

The gel paint formula means easier application without sacrificing pigment and precision. When it comes to intricate detailing, the liners smoothly draw precise lines, which then help control the effect and look you want to achieve, thanks to its super fine brush. The flexible fibers allow for a smooth slide one line at a time.

Get ready to create your next nail art masterpiece with swirls, prints, lines and curls. Shop the range right here, and master the line art piece of your dreams with minimal effort. And as if that was not enough, we are offering a 30% off discount on the first order for those in the United States with the code: CANDYCOATPRO

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