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The Bright Health Foot Relief
The Bright Health Foot Relief
Courtesy of Bright Health Therapy

Feet can sometimes get overlooked, because depending on your perspective, they are the last thing you see. But, you know better than most about the importance of pedicures and foot health. Not to mention, pedicures have only gotten more and more popular, as Janet McCormick, the co-founder of Nailcare Academy, details in her pedicure history on Page 33. And Debra Bourque, the founder and director of education for SAFE, the School of Advanced Footcare Education, discusses toenail treatments—from calluses and ingrown nails to hard, soft and seed corns—including symptoms, causes and management.

Stepping beyond the foundation of feet, we share 10 Salon Rules To Break to offer tips that may work best for your business; everything you want to know about selecting and using e-files; and inspirational sets and stories to highlight Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders and other minorities for Asian Pacific Heritage Month.

Finally, we are so excited to reveal the winner of our first cover contest, Jacquelyn Williams, and her work on the cover. Discover what went behind creating it here.

Three Foot Products To TryAmericanails Nouveau Spa Relax Sea Salt SoakAmericanails Nouveau Spa Relax Sea Salt SoakCourtesy of Americanails

1. Soothing Soak: The Americanails Nouveau Spa Relax Sea Salt Soak is made up of a bountiful blend of tropical fruit fragrances that is sure to delight all your senses while relaxing your feet. americanails.com

2. Travel Time: The PediFix® Tea Tree Ultimates® Foot Wipes is an easy, on-the-go solution to quickly clean while soothing your feet and help reduce odor when a shower is not available. pedifix.com 

3. Lightening Load: The Bright Health Foot Relief is a device that uses infrared and red-light therapy to help provide an at-home foot pain solution, meant to alleviate chronic pain and enhance recovery. Note: Bright Health Therapy is strictly for pain relief and not a cure for chronic issues like neuropathy or arthritis.

This article was originally published in the May 2022 issue of Nailpro magazine.

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