Top 5 Benefits of Using LE’s Perfect Pair | Soak-Off Gel System

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Save time and money with LE’s Perfect Pair that can truly do it all! Here are five reasons why nail pros around the world are using LE’s Perfect Pair: JimmyGel Builder Gel in a Bottle and P+ Gel Polish.

1. 21-day-plus wear keeps your client’s manicure looking perfect until their next appointment! LE’s advanced, in-house formulations mean the ideal balance of strength and flexibility for nails of all types.

2. Create beautiful, strong extensions and natural overlays easily with quick, self-leveling formulations that do the work for you! JimmyGel and P+ Gel Polish are formulated to file like butter so you can achieve the perfect shape in no time!

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3. The brush-bottle design allows for easy and smooth application, extra control and a premium feel.

4. Enjoy a quick seven-minute soak-off with P+ QDbase. Save time and money per service with this game-changing soakable system!

5. LE is always HEMA-free, 9-free, cruelty-free, vegan and gluten-free to ensure the safety of every nail pro and client!

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Here's what one of our nail pros has to say about this Perfect Pair: "I watched some of the demos in the trade show this weekend, and I was intrigued by the various colored JimmyGels (I had only had the clear). So, I went to my distributor yesterday and bought them all. I also bought the P+ Hello Kit. All I can say is OMG! I used the P+ QDbase, Soft Pink JimmyGel, quick light buff, two coats of P+ and P+ Top Coat. So fast and easy...This will be a GAME CHANGER for me doing fills going forward!" 

Do you know what is in your nail products? 

We do. That is because we responsibly manufacture all of our gels ourselves in Redmond, Oregon, using only the safest premium ingredients and no HEMA monomer. At Light Elegance, we believe What’s Inside Matters.

LE’s latest HEMA-free system is powered by the dynamic duo of JimmyGel (LE’s builder gel in a bottle) and P+ Gel Polish. Easily create everything from natural overlays to elegant extensions using a soak-off system you can trust to be safe and deliver 21-plus-day wear, client after client.

The Perfect Pair | JimmyGel & P+ Gel Polish

✅ 21-day-plus wear soak-off system

✅ Premium brushes for smooth application

✅ Self leveling for less filing and easy shaping

✅ Find a shade for every skin tone and color for any service

✅ HEMA-free, 9-free, cruelty-free, vegan and gluten-free


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