The GelBottle Inc. Launches DesignEX PRO

DesignEX PRO tip box
DesignEX PRO tip box
Courtesy of The GelBottle Inc.

The GelBottle Inc. launched its new ready sculpted gel system, DesignEX PRO.

The DesignEX PRO system provides extensions in a flash. The pre-buffed inner tips come in several shapes and lengths with a  sculpted apex, which saves time during application and eliminates the need for an e-file. 

DesignEX PRO medium almond shape tipsDesignEX PRO medium almond shape tipsCourtesy of The GelBottle Inc.

Shapes and lengths include:

  • Long coffin tips
  • Long stiletto tips
  • Medium almond tips
  • Medium coffin tips
  • Medium square tips
  • Medium soft almond tips
  • Short oval tips

These extensions last four-plus weeks, blend seamlessly and flex with the natural nail for ultimate comfort. 

The Starter Kit includes: 

    • USB Flash Lamp
    • Up to two of each tip box (so a maximum of 14 boxes of tips because there are seven shapes in total), which will be selected from a drop-down menu
    • All-In-One BIAB
    • New white half-moon 100/180 grit buffer
    • New white half-moon 120/180 grit file
    • Starter Kit Bag

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