Magic Gel Releases Self-Leveling Acrylics

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Courtesy of Magic Gel

Magic Gel has released its new self-leveling Acrygels!

Magic Gel's Acrygels are strong like acrylics but are self-leveling like gel. With the Acrygels, there is no mess, liquids or spatulas. 

A self-leveling formula means faster sculpting, better results, much less filing and no lifting between appointments.

These Acrygels come in no-heat formulas, keeping your clients comfortable every second. 

These new formulations come in nine different shades:

  • Baby Pink Builder
  • Cream Puff Builder
  • Blush Builder
  • Elegance Builder
  • Romantic – Warm Builder
  • Romantic – Cool Builder
  • Crystal Shine Builder
  • Swiss White Builder
  • Swiss White Shine Builder
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