Zoya Launches Fall 2022 Collection: Café Creams

Zoya Fall 2022 Collection
Zoya Fall 2022 Collection
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Zoya has launched its 2022 fall collection: Café Creams.

This collections has six brown colors, offering a shade for everyone. Zoya has packaged the collection in sample sizes as well as a retail display for your business.  

Shades in the collection include: 

  • Bonnie: A sheer and semi-textured rose gold topper.
  • Biscuit: A milky brown mocha, with a peachy undertone and creamy finish.
  • Kahula: A gingerbread brown with warm reddish undertones.
  • Remington: A creamy natural darkened rosewood brown.
  • Constance: A deep plum cream with blue undertones.
  • Ophelia: A cool, moody blackened brown cream.
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