Light Elegance Launches Spring 2022 Collection: The Artist

Spring 2022 Color Gel
Spring 2022 Color Gel
Courtesy of Light Elegance

Light Elegance debuts its spring 2022 collection: The Artist.

Light Elegance is a leading innovator of 100% HEMA-free professional-grade UV and LED gel nail products and acrylic nail systems.

The collection will feature 12 new on-trend shades, six creamy shades and six glitter shades.

All shades in the collection are available in P+ Gel Polish, LE Color and Glitter Gel formulations.

Color Gel and Gel Polish

  • Take it EaselA perfect warm neutral pink.
  • I’ll Pose for LeoA neutral, dusty rose.
  • Do the Van Go-GoA creamy coral with orange undertones yet muddy and neutral.
  • Stroke of Genius: A rich, dark and creamy olive green. Spring 2022 Glitter GelSpring 2022 Glitter GelCourtesy of Light Elegance
  • Pencils & Paint Brushes: A perfect muddled mauve. 
  • Bare Canvas: A creamy vanilla bean with a subtle hint of yellow. 

Glitter Gel and Glitter Polish

  • Wanna Watercolor?: A soft, petite, sweet pink, laced with iridescent pieces of glitter throughout.
  • Don’t Frame Me In: Tiny iridescent pieces make up the background for larger satin pastel glitters, of sweet pinks, light purples and soft yellows.
  • Nudie: A fancy spring champagne where silver meets neutral with a soft flash of sparkle.
  • Monet All Day: A baby pink mixed with small shimmers of silver pearl.
  • My Masterpiece: Pink meets a touch of coral with chunky pieces of iridescent glitter. This glitter has soft blues, sweet coppers and a variety of pinks with just the right amount of complexity to be interesting and wearable at the same time.
  • Creative Chaos: A chunky glitter with softest of emerald greens with a slight mix of Mediterranean pastel blues. 

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