LeChat Launches Sky Dust Glitter Collection

Sky Dust Collection
Sky Dust Collection
Courtesy of LeChat

LeChat has released a new collection of six shades: Sky Dust.

Sky Dust is glitter collection. It comes in matching gel polish, nail lacquer and 3-in-1 color powder (gel/dip/acrylic) formulations.

Shades in the collection include:

  • Sounding Joy: A lavender with deep purple and echos of green and orange. 
  • Utltralight: A shimmering pink with green and purple highlights.
  • Kindling Flame:  A green and pink with sparks of orange and silver.
  • Silver Lining: Deep silver with pops of light.
  • Holly Glow: A soft holly green, enhanced with light blue undertones.
  • Tinsel Tease: A playful sky blue with a tease of deep blue. 
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