OPI Launches Nature Strong, Its First Natural Origin Lacquer

Shades from the OPI Nature Strong Collection
Shades from the OPI Nature Strong Collection
Courtesy of OPI

OPI has launched its Nature Strong Collection, for those who do not want to choose between natural and high performance.

The Nature Strong Collection has 30 shades inspired by nature and a Top Coat for added shine and protection.

The new collection features a brand-new formula of natural, plant-based ingredients derived from sugar cane, manioc, wheat, potatoes and corn. Shades from the OPI Nature Strong CollectionShades from the OPI Nature Strong CollectionCourtesy of OPI

Nature Strong offers long-lasting, highly pigmented color with a high-shine finish that stays on for up to seven days without fading. Not only does it apply easily and dry quickly, it can be removed with lacquer remover.

All 30 shades represent colors that can be found in nature. 

OPI has teamed up with The Vegan Society, the oldest and original vegan organization in the world. By including The Vegan Society trademark on packaging and assets, it provides confidence about the vegan credentials. 

The 30 shades in the Nature Strong Collection are:

  • Dawn of a New Gray—A soft misty gray
  • Strong as Shell—A bold crème white 
  • We Canyon Do Better—A soft nude pink    
  • A Clay in the Life—A pale clay neutral
  • For What It's Earth—A vibrant orchid pink
  • Intentions Are Rose Gold—A lustrous rose gold
  • Raisin Your Voice—A bold and shimmery burgundy
  • Give a Garnet—A rich garnet red 
  • Thistle Make You Bloom—A shimmery hot pink
  • Emflowered—A petal pink coral 
  • Force of Nailture—A deep charcoal blue
  • Onyx Skies—An almost black onyx crème   
  • Shore is Something—A bright ocean blue 
  • Once and Floral—A bright gerbera pink
  • A Bloom with a View—A bold rosy red
  • Big Bloom Energy—A carnation pink   
  • Let Nature Take Its Quartz—A pale rose quartz pink    
  • All Heal Queen Mother Earth—A rich crème teal 
  • Make My Daisy—A bold daisy yellow
  • Cactus What You Preach—A bright desert turquoise    
  • Eco-Maniac—A deep plum purple 
  • Knowledge is Flower—A dusty crème rose
  • Simply Radishing—A radiant, radish-inspired pink
  • Right as Rain—An almost lavender gray
  • A Great Fig World—A bold crème purple
  • Achieve Grapeness—A shimmery purple grape    
  • Natural Mauvement—A pinky purple pastel    
  • Spring Into Action—A pastel lavender 
  • Raindrop Expectations—A cool white with rainy blue undertones 
  • It’s Ashually OPI—An ash gray
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