[Giveaway] Get Inspired With French Spring Look [Win Some Dips]

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Take a trip to France this spring without leaving your home. Revel Nail’s Postcards from Provence collection will take you on the journey of your dreams.

From a classic mauve to a shimmery orange, Postcards from Provence has all your favorites for this season. Including a combination of crèmes, glitters and foil flakes, this collection has everything you need for a glam night in Saint Tropez to a relaxing evening in Arles.

The Postcards from Provence collection contains six exclusive nail dip powder shades with matching lacquers. What’s even more poetic is these dip powder shades are monomer compatible so you can use as you please. This collection is limited-edition and will be available only while supplies last.

Here’s what you’re getting with Postcards from Provence Collection:

·        D583 Merci – A crème, pastel blue gray

·         D584 Jolie – A crème, soft and sweet pastel green

·         D585 Elodie – A gold shimmer base with flecks of multifaceted blue and gold glitter

·         D586 Soiree – A coral orange base with fluorescent, multifaceted pink flake

·         D587 Amour – A dusty pastel mauve with a crème finish

·         D588 Bisou – A mauve base with rose gold glitter

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Nail professionals can mix and match the collection to create a variety of colorful spring manicures, or pair this collection with other classic Revel Nail shades. For example, Soiree makes a stunning accent nail when paired with Revel Nail’s D318 Astonished.

Dip powder is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to acrylic and gel polish. Revel Nail dip powders are long-lasting, with the potential to last from 4-6 weeks. Additionally, dip powders don’t require a UV light, protecting the hands from potential skin damage.

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The hard-shell dip powder provides on top of nails acts as a seal of protection. This helps nails avoid any damage or breaking, allowing nails to grow longer, stronger and healthier. Revel Nail’s Postcards from Provence collection also contains matching lacquers, so clients can always ensure a matching mani and pedi.

Revel Nail is headquartered in Blackwood, NJ, and develops dip powders that can be applied in half the time as acrylic or gel polish. Additionally, Revel Nail dip powders are low-odor, non-toxic, vegan and cruelty free. The Postcards from Provence collection is Revel Nail’s newest launch, adding six new shades to Revel Nail’s line of more than 300 colors.

If you’re a licensed nail technician or beauty professional, sign up for a Professional account on the Revel Nail website to become a RevelPro Member for exclusive discounts and promotions on all of our products and new launches. 

From April 12 to July 12, 2021, Revel Nail will be giving away three, 2 oz Postcards from Provence collections! Enter the giveaway by signing up to become a RevelPro Member and you'll be put into the drawing. This collection retails for $149.99 and contains matching Revel Mates lacquers.

Make sure you check out our Postcards from Provence collection, now available on our website!


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