LeChat Launches New Perfect Match Essentials Collection

Just in time to welcome spring, made-in-the-U.S. LeChat Nails launches their new pro-only essentials collection, complete with cleanser, liquid monomer, soak-off remover, dehydrator and Liquid Gel Builder.

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The Perfect Match Gel Cleanser & Nail Prep Solution can be used as a nail prep solution to deep clean hands prior to gel, polish or acrylic application. Its multi-purpose solution quickly removes tacky Residue.

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Perfect Match Liquid Monomer works well with the LeChat 3-in-1 Color Powder. With low odor and fast application, this formula is designed to improve adhesion.

Infused with nourishing oils, the Perfect Match Soak-Off Remover gently and effectively removes gel, glitter lacquer and glue in minutes, without drying clients’ skin.

Use the Perfect Match PrimeBond Nail Dehydrator to prep nails prior to gel, tips or application.

The Perfect Match Liquid Gel Builder features an easy brush-on application for faster services. Its self-leveling formula perfects uneven nail plates, while its hard gel durability and soft gel flexibility requires less filing than acrylic and minimal heat spikes. Available in Clear and Blush Pink, this builder gel quickly lengthens nails and can be used over embellishments, decals and glitters for a smooth finish.

Step 1
Apply Perfect Match PrimeBond to the entire nail. Fit and apply LeChat DuoForm. Sculpt tips to desired length and apply onto 1/3 of the nail plate with Liquid Gel Builder. Cure for 1 minute in LED lamp.

Step 2
Brush on a thin layer of Liquid Gel Builder onto the entire nail, covering sidewalls. Do not cure.

Step 3
Apply a bead of Liquid Gel Builder toward the center of the nail to create an apex. Flash cure for 10 seconds in LED lamp.

Step 4
Remove the nail DuoForm and cleanse the nail. File, shape and buff. Finish with Perfect Match Topcoat, and cure.

—by Angelina Lewis

[Images: Courtesy LeChat Nails]

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