Create an Abstract Nail Look with the CND Summer Prismatic Collection

The CND summer 2019 Prismatic collection includes an array of kaleidoscopic shades, perfect for hand-painting tropical leaves and flowers, clean color-blocking or seamless line work. Forest green Aura, bright pink Holographic and purple creme Psychedelic are available in Shellac, while the Vinylux long-wear polish line offers two additional shades: sky blue Dimensional and Ultraviolet.

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1. Prep the nail. Apply two coats of Aura to the entire nail and allow them to dry.

2. Paint abstract shapes on the nail with Ultraviolet and Dimensional. Allow the polish to dry between coats.

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3. Outline shapes painted in Ultraviolet with Holographic. Clean up the shape lines.

4. Use a dotting tool to accent the nail using Dimensional and Holographic. Once dry, finish with Vinylux Long Wear Top Coat.


CND Pro Talk Supplement

CND education ambassador and Montreal, Canada-based nail artist Tamara Di Lullo created a graffiti-inspired nail look using the summer shellac collection.

1. Prep the natural nail. Apply a thin layer of CND Shellac Base Coat, and cure. Apply one coat of Shellac Unmasked. Cure.

2. Paint a diagonal stripes with Tropix, Aqua-intance and Holographic across the top of the nail. Cure. Repeat application for additional coverage. Cure.

3. Apply Cream Puff over the Unmasked area and Wildfire over Holographic. Cure.

4. Dispense drops of Digiteal, Black Pool and Cream Puff onto a palette. Use a medium detail brush and Digiteal to paint the eye over Aqua-intance. Cure.

5. Use a fine detail brush to paint accents with Black Pool and small highlights with Cream Puff. Cure. Finish with Matte Top Coat, and cure.

CND Color Blocking Nail Art

Global nail artist and CND education ambassador Mette Steenberg incorporated color blocking into her geometric focused nail look using Shellac shades Psychedelic and Aura.

1. Prep the natural nail. Apply a thin layer of CND Shellac Base Coat, and cure. Apply two coats of Shellac Cream Puff. Cure.

2. Apply striping tape diagonally across the free edge. Leave a small tail of striping tape for easy removal later. Place additional pieces of striping tape across the nail, creating geometric shapes. Do not overlap.

3. Apply a thin layer of Psychedelic to the free edge; do not paint over the striping tape. Repeat, filling in the other two taped sections with Tropix and Aura. Cure. Repeat application for additional coverage. Cure. Remove the striping tape with tweezers, and finish with Shellac Top Coat. Cure.

–by Angelina Lewis


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[Images: Courtesy of CND; Armando Sanchez]

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