Beach Ready Nail Art with Light Elegance Surf City Collection

Light Elegance-Color Gel_0738light elegance surf city collection

Hit the beach no matter where you live with the bright colors in this summer’s Light Elegance Surf City Collection. The Color Gel Pack features six opaque shades (the Glitter Gel pack is all sparkles) that can be used alone for high-impact color or blended together for an ombré look, and they are pigmented enough for nail art. With colors like Sun Bum and Hunks in Trunks, you and your clients will be hanging 10 in no time.

Step 1: Prep the nail and apply two coats of Surf’s Up, curing after each application.

PT-Light Elegance 1step one

Step 2: Use a detail brush to create a hook shape for the flamingo’s body with Hunks in Trunks; cure.

PT-Light Elegance 2step 2

Step 3: On a mixing tile, blend Hunks in Trunks with Surf’s Up to create light pink. Use a detail brush to paint highlights on the body; cure.

PT-Light Elegance 3step 3

Step 4: Paint a beak with white gel*; cure.

PT-Light Elegance 4step 4

Step 5: Paint black* details on the beak and add a dot to create an eye; cure.

PT-Light Elegance 5step 5

Step 6: Use a dry detail brush and the blended light pink to add shadowing at the bottom of the beak. Add a dot of Sun Bum to the middle of the eye and one more dot with black. Seal with gel top coat to finish.

PT-Light Elegance 6step six

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*Not included in collection

This article was first published in the August 2018 issue of NAILPRO

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