Taking on Japan

LisaloganopenNail art and celebrity fashion reigns supreme over Japanese nail trends, and technicians in the island nation are always eager to learn and embrace the newest and hottest fads. Enter Lisa Logan, celebrity nail stylist based in New York City. Logan has traveled with Beyoncé for on-site manicures, won Star Magazine’s “Manicurist of the Year” award and is one of the most in-demand nail stylists during fashion week. She recently traveled to Japan to demonstrate Minx during the Nail Expo Professional Nail Show, Japan’s largest nail-industry trade show, at Tokyo Big Sight in November.
“We first met Lisa Logan at a Minx party in Los Angeles, and we were so impressed with her that we knew we had to bring her to meet our sub-distributors and salon staff,” enthuses Yoko Tanaka, a Minx distributor who owns four salons in Tokyo. “Celebrity styles greatly impact Japanese fashion, so if celebrities are all getting Minxed, Japanese women will copy it.”
Logan describes her experience across the Pacific as “inspiring and exciting” because of the popularity of nail designs and artistry in Japan. Plus, the popularity of her demonstrations boosted sales and popularity of the product.
“I also was sure to cater my demonstration to the audience,” Logan shares. “For example, pink is a really popular color in Japan, so I showed them how to layer a fuchsia pink Minx template over a rose gold Minx base, and everyone became really excited by the concept of layering, and the resulting unique color.”

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