Roundup Submission Form


As a valued advertiser in NAILPRO you qualify to submit a press release to be published in the magazine, posted on the website, published in our weekly newsletter and through our social media channels … our 4 in 1 advertising program.


NAILPRO strives to feature the latest information for the nail salon industry. You will get the best result and engagement if the information in the press release is new within the past 6 months.

What to Submit

The editor sends an email detailing the themes for an upcoming issue. The press release you submit is not required to follow the theme, however, when content matches the subject of the issue it provides more relevance to your press release and helps create engagement.

One press release per company is guaranteed to be published per issue. The same product cannot be used more than two times in one calendar year and must be run at least 6 months apart.

Questions? Please contact:
Gabby Bach, Assistant Editor
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 630-344-6067