Nailpro 30 Under 30 Winner Spotlight: Kass Tribe

Nailpro 30 Under 30 Kass Tribe
Nailpro 30 Under 30 Kass Tribe
Courtesy of @tribeaesthetics_

30 Under 30 Spotlight: Kass Tribe 

Kass Tribe (@tribeaesthetics_) is an independent nail tech based in Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada. 

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Nailpro (NP): Tell me a little bit about yourself! How did you get started, and why did you choose to become a nail tech?

Kass Tribe (KT): I knew I wanted to do something where I could create art, as well as be social! I think being a nail tech is a great combination of those two things. I love connecting with my clients! Kass Tribe is one of Nailpro's 30 Under 30 for 2022Kass Tribe is one of Nailpro's 30 Under 30 for 2022

NP: What is the toughest part about your job as a nail technician/nail artist/salon owner?

KT: I think the toughest part about being a nail tech is keeping up with the product! I am horrible at waiting until the last minute to order products! My clients watch me struggle to get the last bit out of the bottle a lot!

NP: What do you love about your job?

KT: I love making friends with clients. It's so easy to get to know someone when you spend 2+ hours with them once a month! 

NP: Where do you find inspiration?

KT: I find inspiration from other nail techs and artists. It’s so crazy how creative people can be!

NP: What is a piece of advice you would give other nail technicians who are just getting started?

KT: Don’t burn yourself out. When I first began, I definitely worked a little too hard. It’s great to be ambitious and work hard to build a clientele, but you have to remember to save some time for yourself! 

NP: What is a tip you have about any technique, service, business, etc.?

KT: Spend the extra money on GOOD supplies. Amazon has great prices but not great quality (most of the time!).

NP: What is your favorite nail trend right now?

KT: I feel like recently extreme nail art has blown up! I love painting characters. 

NP: What is your favorite service to offer?

KT: My favorite services are full sets of gel! Nails by Kass TribeNails by Kass Tribe

NP: Who is your role model?

KT: Anouska Anastasia, she is an incredible nail artist! 

NP: What is one of your proudest achievements as a nail tech?

KT: I’d have to say becoming a 30 Under 30 for you guys! 

NP: What do you love about the nail community/industry?

KT: I think a lot of people think that it’d be a dog eat dog community, but I’ve felt so welcomed and so supported by other nail techs through my first year of business. 

NP: What are your top goals as a nail tech?

KT: I want to become a brand ambassador for Luxapolish! 

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