Zoya Launches Spring 2021 Collection: Darling

Zoya shade Ella
Zoya shade Ella

Zoya has released its Darling collection for Spring 2021.

Zoya is a manufacturer of innovative professional beauty products.

The collection features an array of effortless and fun shades, perfect to start the New Year with.

This assortment offers half subdued tones, and half bright pops of color, all in a wearable cream formula.

The Darling Collection Includes:

  • Val – A relaxing mid-tone sky blue cream.
  • Kayleigh – A calming light lilac purple cream.
  • Mara – A soft, muted rose-toned mauve cream.
  • Tweedy – A bright and uplifting bubble-gum pink cream.
  • Ella – A refreshing coral cream with a kiss of pink undertones.
  • Joyce – A juicy hot pink cream.

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