Stock Up on Mani/Pedi Products With Universal Companies

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Universal Companies (UCo) has added hundreds of new products, supplies and equipment in the mani-pedi category.

This includes innovative products that will help increase revenue by offering new trending services, the latest in retail/take home products and reducing operating costs. Products offered by UCoProducts offered by UCo

UCo also has a full assortment of COVID essentials to help sanitize facilities, properly protect staff and communicate to customers that everything is being done to keep them safe.  

UCo has a wide range of products like:

Operational Essentials

Bio-Therapeutic- bt-shield Anti-Fog Face Shield by Bio-Therapeutic

Cuccio Naturale- Cuccio Metal Foot File 80/180 grit, 30 pc

Dukal- NS Wood Manicure Sticks 4.25" - 144 Pack

Trending Service Essentials 

CND- CND SolarOil

Gelish- Gelish POLYGEL Master Kit

PerfectSense- PerfectSense thermaBliss Nourishment Blend +, Hand, 36 Sets

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