Psychedelic Press-On Nails From Rave Nailz

Acid Smiley Nailz from Rave Nailz
Acid Smiley Nailz from Rave Nailz
Images courtesy of Rave Nailz

Rave Nailz has released two psychedelic press-on nail sets!

Acid Smiley NailzAcid Smiley Nailz

The Butterfly Nailz press-on nails set includes clear long stiletto nails, each with a unique butterfly design. The Acid Smiley Nailz set includes clear, short stiletto nails with trippy smiley faces. 

Each set includes 24 nails in a full range of sizes, so one set fits most. Each set includes nail glue and one nail file.

How to Apply:

1. Remove nail polish and buff natural nails with the provided nail file.

2. Apply one to five drops of nail glue onto your natural nail. More glue = longer wear.

3. Carefully align the false nail to your natural nail, then press and hold for 10 seconds. 

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Butterfly Nailz from Rave NailzButterfly Nailz from Rave Nailz

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