Nailcare Academy Launches 6th Edition of The Advanced Nail Technician

Student works on a computer.
Student works on a computer.
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Nailcare Academy (NCA) launched its new version of the Advanced Nail Technician Program, the 6th upgrade in information since 2015.

“We are always sensitive to information our students need to know and include them in the new versions as needed,” says Janet McCormick, owner of Nailcare Academy.

The online format of Nailcare Academy allows upgrading of information to happen often and the “forever yours” philosophy of the company allows graduates to revisit their courses free to see the new information or review anytime.

The Advanced Nail Technician Program (ANT) began from a base program of 600 slides, but the ten modules have grown to over 1000 as the updates are published, plus supportive materials. Along the way, upgrades in technology have also been achieved.

“This program includes advanced information needed to be extraordinarily successful in our field,” says McCormick. She is very proud that many of the NCA graduates are making over six figures, while working as committed professionals who attain high respect in their communities.

The Advanced Nail Technician Program is one of several programs on the site, the ANT being especially written for the salon-based nail technician who wishes to achieve a higher level of success than others, both in professional and financial areas. A closed Facebook community is also available to students and graduates for answering questions and getting business tips. “This group is focused on helping each other be successful,” says McCormick. “They can ask anything, and someone will have the right answer.”

The ANT graduates, as well as those of the other programs on the site, are given the added benefit of the personal mentoring and guidance of McCormick, a 42-year successful veteran in the industry. “I’ve experienced it all,” she says, “Success and failure, good and bad times, positive and negative changes, and learned from them all. It’s been an interesting ride, and I enjoy passing what I’ve learned on to our NCA graduates so they will reach their optimal potential.”

For more information, see Nailcare Academy at or call 863-273-9134.

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