Get Excited: The Master Challenge Has Some Amazing Sponsors for the Competition Products

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During the Nailpro Nail Show, held on Aug. 20-22, 2022, in San Jose, California, the Master Challenge will test the skills of licensed nail professionals in four thrilling live competitions. Taking place on the show floor Aug. 21-22, 2022, nail professionals can register for up to two of these competitions:

  1. Hand-Painted Nail Art - Competitors will have 30 minutes to complete an original hand-painted nail art design on a set of five tips.
  2. Gel Polish - Competitors will have 30 minutes to complete gel polish nails on a live model. (Model will be provided by Nailpro.)
  3. Sculptured French Acrylics - Competitors will have 45 minutes to complete sculptured French acrylic nails on one hand of a live model. (Model will be provided by Nailpro.)
  4. Gel Design - Competitors will have 30 minutes to complete an original design using gel on tips. 

To make things a little more exciting, the competitors will receive a kit at the start of the competition, but the contents of these kits will be a mystery. All equipment, tools, products and supplies will be identical and provided by our amazing sponsors, including The GelBottle Inc., Après Nail, Designed by Tony Ly, Illi Nail Supply and Gehwol Foot Care. To sweeten the deal, competitors will not only get to keep the products in their mystery kit after their competitions, but they will also receive a gift bag with more goodies. 

A closer look at the five Master Challenge sponsors:

  • The GelBottle Inc.: The brand creates a variety of vegan and cruelty-free top coats, base coats, builders and effect gels, among other nail salon goodies.
  • Après Nail: The brand offers a variety of products, including soft gels, LED lamps, brushes and airbrush systems.
  • Designed by Tony Ly: The brand’s wide product offering includes everything from acrylic and dip powders to gel systems to press-on nails to salon equipment.
  • Illi Nail Supply: The brand is a one-stop shop for nail techs looking to stock up on acrylics, charms, glitter, brushes, gels and foils—just to name a few.
  • Gehwol Foot Care: The brand specializes in foot and nail care products, including tools and equipment, nail repair, files and creams and bath products.

In addition, the Master Challenge has partnered with BeauticianList, which will serve as the competitions' verification partner. All participants’ licenses will be verified by BeauticianList prior to the event. By submitting proof of licensure, contestants consent to receiving further electronic communication from BeauticianList and being onboarded to its system—at no cost to them.

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